Instructions on using SuDokuMate

Note: SuDokuMate is NOT a solver - it's more like a notepad to record your decisions without having to start the puzzle all over again when you make a mistake or rub something out and then get simply go back in your browser!

SuDokuMate is simple to use.

  1. When the utility opens the familiar 9x9 grid is blank.
  2. Set up the grid by entering digits in the appropriate places. Move to cells using the mouse or by using TAB and SHIFT-TAB:

    Tabbing to the right, Shift-tabbing to the left in the SuDoku grid
  3. Overwrite the contents of any slot by selecting the contents and overtyping.

  4. At this point you have a choice. When the UPDATE button is pressed SuDokuMate will usually generate the possibles for all empty slots. For example (12367). The grid will also be checked for duplicates.

    To switch off this feature (for example to make your own notes in the grid) use the radio buttons:

    picture of the radios to toggle the generation of possibles

    and click 'UPDATE' (the button will change to 'SAVE'). After this, you can use this button at any time to save a position you can get back to using your browser.

An effective way of using 'Show Possible Values'

If you want to do most of the work yourself, you can:
  1. fill in the SuDokuMate grid as usual
  2. generate the possibles ONCE using the 'UPDATE' button and
  3. then switch to 'SAVE' mode
After doing this overwrite the possibles as you confirm values, saving the position every so often.

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Note: I did want to register as well but found that it had already been taken (and on the very same day as I registered - talk about coincidence!!)

Please be sure to check out their site too as I'm sure it'll provide similar tools to mine.