About SuDokuMate

SuDokuMate is NOT a solver - it's a helper. Use it to set checkpoints during the puzzle...you simply go back in your browser!

Hi and welcome to SuDokuMate!.

I've been Sudokuing for about 3 weeks (at 16-May-2005) - I imagine this is a lot less than most of you!. The first thing that struck me (after restarting a grid for the second time after finding two 8's in the same block again) was that there must be a better way.

The first thing I did, of course, was to write a SOLVER but realised that whilst doing so filled a personal need it would not be of help to others.

What was needed was a utility to replace the pencil and paper (and those tiny printed grids that simply aren't big enough!). Also by doing it online you have the ability to save your work by setting checkpoints.

SuDokuMate can be used in place of paper (well not on the bus/train I agree!). There is a 'Show List of Possibles' setting but this can be switched off (currently doing this would also switch off grid validation).

By the way, I find the best way to use SuDokuMate is:
  1. fill in the SuDokuMate grid as usual
  2. generate the possibles ONCE using the 'UPDATE' button and
  3. then switch to 'SAVE' mode using the radio buttons and 'UPDATE'
After doing this I can overwrite the possibles as I confirm values, saving the position every so often.

I hope you find SuDokuMate useful - I know I'll continue to use it and improve it over time.


Browser tests:
OK: MS IE6, Mozilla Firefox 1.0.1, Netscape 7.2
Problems: Opera 8 - hideous scrollbars in textareas (anyone suggest a get-around? To  )
I'll test and report other browsers asap!

This project is unfunded. If you find it useful, please support it's existence/maintenance:

Follow the 'Books on SuDoku' links and buy a book at Amazon!
or donate directly using Paypal:
Many Thanks!

Note: I did want to register sudokumate.co.uk as well but found that it had already been taken (and on the very same day as I registered sudokumate.com - talk about coincidence!!)

Please be sure to check out their site too as I'm sure it'll provide similar tools to mine.